Senate President Therese Murray has appointed Senator Will Brownsberger to serve as Senate Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary. He replaces Kathryn Clark who is now serving as Representative in Congress.

Senator Brownsberger remarked: "I very much look forward to serving in this role — it will allow me to add additional value on a number of issues that have long been important to me and to my constituents." One of those issues is reform of our state's Statute of Limitations in cases of child sexual abuse. Senator Brownsberger has been a key proponent of giving survivors of sexual abuse whose time limits have ended, an opportunity to seek justice in civil court. Passage of SOL reform would also help prevent the sexual abuse of more children since abusers who have hidden behind the outdated laws would no longer be able to abuse without challenge. Survivors and advocates are hoping that the SOL bills which have been languishing in the Judiciary Committee will finally be voted out favorably so that legislators will be able to vote for passage.