Contact your Legislator

One of the most critical ways of getting involved and making a difference is to contact your legislator(s) and let them know how much we need this bill to be signed into law.  Are your legislators co-sponsoring the bill? Do they sit on the Joint Committee on the JudiciaryFind you legislators and give them a call, send them an email, or write them a letter to tell them that you support this bill, and so should they. 

Here are some Talking Points you can use while discussing the importance of SOL repeal.


Attend CORSAL Events

Keep up with CORSAL's activities and events by checking our website often or by following us on Facebook! Join us and show your support.


Get the word out

As important as it is for individuals to contact our legislators it is equally important that we start to get the word out to our friends, families, co-workers, and neighbors so that they also have an opportunity to get involved. One voice speaking alone is easily ignored but many raised in unison can incite real change - raise your voice, tell the people around you about what is happening and what they can do.  Social media is another great resource for gaining momentum in the fight to reform sex abuse laws - if you have a blog, online social group, twitter account or facebook account now is a great opportunity to use it to make Massachusetts a safer and more just place for our children to live!


Submit an Op-Ed to a local publication

Many news sources such as newspapers, professional publications, and entertainment magazines have a section for Op-Ed submmissions; if there is a publication that you enjoy reading try submitting your own op-ed and let other readers know about this important piece of legislation, why it is needed, and what they can do to help get it passed.